As a Council tenant, it's your responsibility to keep your garden tidy. This includes lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and keeping the area free of rubbish.

If maintaining your garden is challenging, we offer support. Visit our Apply for help with your council garden page for assistance.

Bonfires and barbecues

Enjoying a bonfire or barbecue is permissible, provided it doesn't:

  • cause a nuisance with smoke or its smell
  • pose a risk to your property or neighbouring buildings

Trees in your garden

You must not damage or cut down any tree in your garden unless you have our written permission.

Parking vehicles in your garden

Parking a motor vehicle, trailer, caravan, or boat in your garden requires our permission. If granted, you'll need to apply to construct a drive or hard standing and a dropped kerb through our recommended contractors, and pay the cost of getting this done.

Adding structures and ponds

Before erecting structures (e.g. sheds, garages, or satellite dishes), undertaking major landscaping, or constructing a pond, you must obtain our written permission.

Neighbour's garden complaints

If you have concerns about a neighbour's garden, please contact us.

Contact the Tenancy Management Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 249811

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