We strive to provide a simple and efficient solution to electric vehicle infrastructure procurement with the assistance of a supportive specialised team throughout. To ensure we continue to provide the best service possible we collect feedback from users and suppliers. Some of these are shown below.

"We have used the Oxford City Council (OCC) EV DPS to procure for Barnet’s ORCs funded EV charging project EV500 which included a Turn-Key solution to Supply, install, manage, operate and maintain 510 charge points installed across 34 residential streets. We selected the OCC EV DPS having identified a number of framework options and this has proven to be a very good choice as we found the EV DPS easy to use, with lots of the key standards and compliance work already completed for us. This was advantageous as our tender writing could really focus on our needs and so it was much quicker to compile. This really sped up the procurement process and this is particularly important when delivering a large project within a tight grant funding timeline. The OCC team were extremely supportive and were on hand for any queries and assistance throughout the process. The OCC team also assisted us to obtain post tender feedback from the market which has also been very helpful. We will certainly be looking to utilise the OCC EV DPS for our future EV Procurements."

London Borough of Barnet

"The EV DPS team have been very supportive of our process from its onset. They are very professional and knowledgeable. In particular they have shared documents, given us sound advice and have offered help and assistance whenever requested."

Wigan Council

"We have been very pleased with the interaction we have had with the EV DPS team so far. They have been collaborative and informative, especially when responding to our queries about the mechanics of the EV DPS and the application process itself. The level of communication, efficiency and transparency throughout the process has been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend the EV DPS team to any interested parties."


"We would definitely recommend customers to use the EV DPS. As mentioned above the DPS is exactly what we were looking for and the added bonus of the supportive team makes it’s a perfect combination. I believe that this EV DPS will allow Local Authorities to access the solutions they need, backed up by advice from a knowledgeable EV DPS team."

Oxford Direct Services (ODS)