Found a stray dog?

We take care of all stray dogs, even those found outside normal hours. Remember, the police no longer accept stray dogs at their stations.

If you find a stray dog, you must report it to our Dog Warden service. Most stray dogs aren't abandoned; they have owners who are searching for them.

If the stray dog is secure, please call us. If not, use our online form to report it.

Report a stray dog

About our Dog Warden Service

Our Dog Warden Service has a policy of not destroying unclaimed strays. We re-home them unless they're too sick or aggressive. Our team is experienced in dealing with dog issues and ready to help. If we don't have the answer, we'll find someone who does.

Contact the Dog Warden Service

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 249811

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