What is a dangerous structure 

Where a building is in such a condition that it may put people in danger, we have legal powers to investigate and require that it be made safe. 

All reports and investigations are carried out on a strictly confidential basis. We will not disclose any details that can identify you. We do not investigate anonymous complaints. 

Typical examples of dangerous structures include:

  • walls over 1000mm in height in the immediate vicinity of pedestrians/the public (e.g. not between neighbouring gardens) that are leaning over or are unstable)
  • roof tiles being blown off in high winds
  • chimneys damaged by storms (not including television aerial or satellite dishes)

What is not a dangerous structure

These are places of work, that can sometimes cause concern for residents. However potentially dangerous structures (such as scaffolding and site hoarding) on building sites are unlikely to be covered by the Building Act legislation. Please do contact us if you are concerned, however jurisdiction is usually with the Health and Safety Executive and Oxfordshire County Council.

Report a dangerous structure

Contact the Building Control Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 252807