HMO Representations

Representations are a formal request to change the draft licence conditions sent to you with your intention notice. Please use this form if you wish to make representations against the draft conditions issued to you by the council.

Your representations will be acknowledged by email and then be reviewed by a senior officer. You will be informed of the Council's decision regarding your representations by email, usually within 15 working days of confirmation of receipt. Some cases may require a re-inspection of the property. These cases will take longer to process but you will be informed by the inspecting officer if we need to visit the house again.

You will be asked to provide the condition number, to state the change that you are requesting and to provide a justification for the change. You will also be requested to provide the reference number for your licence, so please have your copy of the intention notice with you whilst completing this form.

Your licence will not be issued until the Council has responded to your representations.

Please be aware that the Council may not accept your representations. We will give you reasons if we reject your request and you will have an opportunity to appeal Council's decision after the grant is made.

This form usually takes about 10 minutes to complete. Please note that after 60 minutes of inactivity the form will time out and any information you have entered will be lost.