If you want to work with us, you need to meet certain standards. Here's what we expect from our suppliers:

Commitment to equal opportunities

At Oxford City Council, we believe in treating everyone fairly, regardless of their background or circumstances. We expect our suppliers to do the same. During the tender process, you'll need to demonstrate your dedication to equal opportunities.

Health and safety matters

Your approach to health and safety is crucial. We work with suppliers who prioritise the safety and well-being of everyone involved. To be considered, you should comply with health and safety laws. This includes:

  • caring for your employees, clients, and the public
  • maintaining up-to-date health and safety policies
  • implementing thorough risk assessments
  • efficiently reporting any incidents or illnesses
  • seeking expert health and safety advice

Focus on sustainability

For us, buying is more than just a transaction. We consider the long-term impacts on our community, environment, and economy. As a supplier, you should demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. This means:

  • providing products and services that are environmentally responsible
  • considering the full life cycle cost of your products
  • avoiding environmentally damaging goods when better alternatives are available
  • choosing options with the least environmental impact
  • incorporating sustainability into your practices
  • constantly reviewing your processes to enhance social and economic benefits while reducing environmental harm

Having an ISO14001 certificate is a strong advantage. Remember, lacking evidence of sustainable practices may put you at a disadvantage in the tender process.

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