Oxford City Council removes bicycles from public areas if they are considered abandoned.

A bicycle is deemed abandoned if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • it's secured in a dangerous position (e.g. blocking the public highway)
  • it's secured to a council cycle rack and is unroadworthy
  • it's secured in an inappropriate place (e.g. illegally chained to street furniture) and is unroadworthy
  • it hasn't been moved for several weeks

An unroadworthy bicycle will have at least two of these issues:

  • flat front tyre
  • flat rear tyre
  • missing wheel
  • missing seat
  • buckled wheel(s)
  • bent forks
  • seized or damaged brakes
  • rusted chain or gears
  • missing chain

Report an abandoned bicycle on Fix My Street

Our process for abandoned bicycles

When a bicycle is identified as abandoned or unroadworthy, we attach a removal notice to the handlebar. This notice indicates our plan to remove the bicycle if it's still there in the same condition after seven days.

If the bicycle has not been removed within seven days, we will take it away and store it in a secure compound where it will be held until 35 days from the date of tagging.

After 35 days, unclaimed bicycles are first offered to charities, then any remaining bikes are recycled for scrap. We don't sell abandoned bikes to the public.

For enquiries, contact Streetscene, Cowley Marsh, Marsh Road, Oxford, OX4 2HH.

Claiming a removed bicycle

To claim a bicycle, you must provide its description (colour, make/model, unique features) and its last location. Without this proof, the bicycle won't be released.

To claim, call 01865 249811 and select 'Street Services'.