The Summertown and St. Margaret’s Forum has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for the Summertown and St. Margaret’s Neighbourhood Area.

The Summertown and St. Margaret’s Neighbourhood Plan (SSMNP) was taken to City Executive Board on 10th April 2019 with the recommendation to Council that the SSMNP be ‘made’. Full Council met on 29th April 2019 and duly ‘made’ the Neighbourhood Plan, which now comes into force as part of the Development Plan for the area concerned following its approval at Referendum. The Plan was successful at the Referendum, which took place on  7th March 2019 with approximately 93% of voters approving the Plan.

The Plan comprises ‘spatial’ and ‘community’ policies that show how the community wishes to grow and develop over the coming years.

Examiner’s Report and Decision Statement

See all Summertown and St Margaret's Neighbourhood Plan documents.

Download Summertown and St Margaret's neighbourhood area application.

Downloads for Summertown and St Margaret's neighbourhood forum redesignation consultation.

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