Register of current contracts

In our commitment to transparency, we maintain a regularly updated list of current and pending contracts. This live document reflects our ongoing activities.

Open the report in at Microsoft Power BI website.

Finding out about new contracts

In-tend portal

We use the In-tend e-Procurement Portal to announce upcoming tendering opportunities. By registering, suppliers can access a wide range of business opportunities with us. Registration on In-tend is free for suppliers.

For full details, visit the In-tend Portal website.

Planned procurement over the public procurement threshold

We issue Prior Information Notices (PINs) to inform potential suppliers about future procurement plans. These notices, for tenders above the Public Procurement Threshold, are advertised on Find a Tender (FTS).

Contact the Contracts and Procurement Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 252497

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