To report road maintenance issues in Oxford, use the link below. Your report will be directed to the appropriate authority for inspection and repair, based on location and issue type. Track the progress online or opt for email updates.

Report a road maintenance issue (via Oxfordshire County Council website)

Traffic lights

Report faults in traffic signals to Oxfordshire County Council. Any issue, from minor to hazardous, can be reported on their Traffic Signals page.

Road markings

New road markings are done by Oxfordshire County Council, while existing markings on minor roads are maintained by the City Council. For details, visit Road Markings on their website. Oxford Direct Services offer road marking services. Visit their Road Marking and Lining page for more information or to request a quote.

Manhole covers

Manhole covers are usually managed by utility companies. If a dangerous cover is reported, we'll identify the owner and arrange to make it safe.


Bollards on minor roads are maintained by Oxford City Council, while other bollards, like rising bollards, are managed by Oxfordshire County Council.


We clean gullies on minor roads annually. Blocked gullies are inspected within 5 days of reporting and cleaned within 28 days, in some cases further investigation will be required.

ODS (Oxford Direct Services) provides charged services for retrieving items from gullies and other drainage services. Visit the Drainage team page on the ODS website to make a report or for more information on charged services.

Street lighting

Oxfordshire County Council handles street lighting in the city. For information or to report a fault, visit their Street Lighting page.

Other road maintenance

For information on bridges, dropped kerbs, traffic signals, street lighting, roadside trees and hedges, and traffic management, visit the Street Maintenance pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Private road or land maintenance

Oxford Direct Services offers a range of commercial services for private roads and land, including road marking, signage, vehicle access crossings, and civil engineering works. Visit their website for more details.

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