Oxford City Council offers a Rent Guarantee Scheme, providing guaranteed rent and additional benefits to landlords who lease their properties to tenants receiving housing benefit.

Under the scheme, we will ensure that rent is paid for the term of the tenancy, whether or not we have received the rent from the tenant. Rent will also continue to be paid even during times when the property is empty.

Currently, over 400 landlords benefit from our specialised Home Choice service, assisting local families in need of housing.

Advantages of the Oxford Rent Guarantee Scheme:

  • guaranteed rent for the tenancy term (usually one year)
  • rent paid to the landlord, whether the tenant pays or not, up to three months in advance
  • monthly rent up to £925 for two beds, £1100 for three beds and £1400 for four beds
  • damage bond of up to two months’ rent
  • no fees or administration charges
  • fully vetted prospective tenants, including immigration status, housing  and credit history
  • freedom to choose suitable tenants for your property
  • all tenants attend tenancy training and receive support to improve financial stability
  • experienced account managers offering legal and Council service advice
  • free model tenancy and management agreements
  • free quarterly property inspections undertaken in the first year, subject to public health guidelines

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Landlords' experiences with our service

“Don’t immediately discount the Local Housing Allowance market. Tenants in receipt of benefits tend to stay longer; there isn’t the same churn, which in turn saves on lost rent and re-advertising your property. Tenants on Housing Benefit make the place their home rather than just seeing it as one step on the road to buying their own place."

Emma McCleod, Landlady

"The Home Choice team have been very professional in minimising the perceived higher operational and financial risks by letting to local people in housing need and low income. Giving a family less fortunate than ourselves a hand to improve their wellbeing is very rewarding financially and socially. I recommend that landlords seriously consider using the Home Choice team at Oxford City Council who can also add value with helping you with other Council services."

Chris Bright, Landlord

"I have been a landlord with Home Choice for many years and have worked closely with the team at Oxford City Council. I am delighted and whole heartedly support the new initiative for the Oxford Assured Lettings service. The problems most commonly experienced in the past have now been addressed namely rent guarantee for my property, three months rent in advance, two months bond deposit, three monthly property checks and a free gas check for the first year. I look forward to being part of getting this scheme established and feel very confident working with the team."

Finbarr Calnan, Landlord

More information

Contact the Home Choice Team

The service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Telephone: 01865 252501

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