Silverfish treatment advice

We don't treat for silverfish but offer advice. Contact us for more information.

Identifying silverfish

Silverfish are slim, wingless insects, about 12mm long, with a silvery sheen. They have long antennae and three tail-like appendages. They're fast-moving, especially when disturbed.

Where silverfish live

They prefer moist areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They're nocturnal and often found in damp books, paper, cupboards, behind skirting boards, and wallpaper. Silverfish eat small food particles, wallpaper paste, bookbinding gums, dead insects, and textiles like cotton and linen.

Silverfish life cycle

Females lay about 100 eggs, often in cracks or crevices. The eggs, initially white, turn brown and are hard to spot. Hatching takes 2-8 weeks, and it may take months to a year for them to mature, depending on the environment.

Controlling silverfish

For small numbers, check for dampness. For larger infestations, use insect spray or dust designed for crawling insects, available at hardware stores.

Dealing with dampness

Silverfish indicate damp conditions, which might require repairs. Check for damp stains, ensure water pipes and gutters are intact, and manage indoor condensation, possibly caused by unventilated tumble dryers or cooking.

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