Oxford City Council has helped establish community noticeboards across the city, managed by tenant and resident associations, community groups, and local organisations.

These noticeboards keep locals informed about events, activities, and information from Oxford City Council, the police, and other partners.

Community noticeboard contacts

Access the list of community noticeboard managers for their latest contact details:

Download the community noticeboards contact list.

Remember, managers may change over time, so ensure you have the current contact list before distributing notices.

Join as a noticeboard manager

Interested in managing a noticeboard? Check the contact list for open positions. For more details, contact us at noticeboards@oxford.gov.uk.

Community noticeboard in East Oxford

Noticeboard display priorities

As space is limited, notices are selected based on six priorities:

  1. local community events, courses and general information
  2. Oxford City Council and neighbourhood policing updates
  3. community organisation details and meetings
  4. statutory information like electoral notices
  5. local events with community benefits
  6. promotion of diverse and inclusive events

Guidelines for notices

We can't display commercial or political campaigning materials. Notices should have:

  • clear layout and text
  • contact details of the person/organisation responsible for mounting it clearly displayed
  • 'display until' date (we suggest a three week maximum)
  • lawful and morally inoffensive content which adheres to commonsense standards of taste and decency

How to send notices

To display a notice:

  1. ensure your notice is within the maximum size stated on the list
  2. address it to the Community Noticeboard Manager at the correspondence addresses of your chosen board
  3. include a covering note with more information on what the activity/event is and how long the notice needs to be displayed for
  4. provide your contact details
  5. ensure that you have paid sufficient postage

We reserve the right to reject notices not meeting these guidelines.

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