An image of Oxford's world-famous skyline from South Park.

Oxford City Council has published the first draft of its Oxford Local Plan 2040.

The plan aims to build more affordable homes, tackle the climate emergency and make Oxford’s economy work for all residents. 

The draft Local Plan’s proposed policies include: 

  • requiring all new homes and businesses to be net zero carbon in operation  
  • requiring all major developments to plant more trees, hedges and other greenery to meet new minimum standards 
  • requiring developments of 10 or more homes to provide at least 40% as affordable housing 
  • allowing homes to be built on all employment sites for the first time 
  • requiring large developments to establish and deliver a plan to employ local people and deliver affordable workspaces 

The Local Plan also identifies sites where 9,612 new homes will be built across Oxford by 2040 to help tackle the city’s housing crisis. 

If agreed, the Local Plan will become the legal document that underpins decision-making on all planning applications in Oxford. It will replace the existing Oxford Local Plan 2036. 

The City Council consulted Oxford residents and organisations last year and used the comments from 1,730 respondents across two consultation rounds to draft the new document. 

The draft Local Plan 2040 has now been approved by Cabient, and went out for public consultation until 5 January 2024.

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