Grenoble, France - our twin city since 1989

River and cable car in Grenoble

Grenoble, known as the 'Capital of the French Alps', combines the charm of an old town with the dynamism of a modern city. It's famous for its ancient university and a cutting-edge science hub. Post-Second World War, Grenoble rapidly expanded, integrating nearby valley communities into a metropolitan area with over half a million residents.

Set along the Isère River and encircled by mountains, Grenoble is a haven for culture and nature lovers. It boasts numerous museums, galleries, green spaces, and the historic Bastille fort, offering stunning mountain views.

Since 1989, Oxford and Grenoble have engaged in regular exchanges spanning education, sports, business, environment, and culture. The Oxford-Grenoble Association and its French counterpart, Alliance Grenoble-Oxford, play a vital role in strengthening these ties. They organise memorable visits and social events, supporting interests of citizens from both cities and providing a platform for cultural exchange.

For more details about our twinning activities with Grenoble or to get involved, please contact the Oxford-Grenoble Association.

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