The economic prosperity and continued positive growth of our City relies heavily on the promotion, conservation and management of its high quality and highly valued natural and built environments. 

In order to provide for the city's population, to encourage productivity and to provide a safe environment for our communities we must be aware of the environment around us. The 2007 Housing Green Paper Homes for the Future: More Affordable, More Sustainable, has calculated that only one-third of the houses being used in 2050 will have been built since 2007, this means that it is our older buildings that will play a large role in our ability to function effectively in the future and deliver our housing and employment needs.

For this to happen we must plan new developments appropriately, with a thorough understanding of their surroundings, as well as manage and maintain the buildings and places that already exist.

Details of major schemes and consultations can be found on our Planning Policy pages.

Useful resources to investigate how heritage impacts upon affordable housing, the economy and safer communities can be found at the following websites:

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