General Feedback

  • When applying for project funding, ensure your answers specifically talk about that work and not generally about your organisation 
  • Be clear and concise - make sure it's clear what will be achieved with the funding and/or what the impact will be 
  • Clarify who will benefit from your work or activity (including their involvement, specific needs and evidencing those needs)
  • Have a clear mission statement/vision
  • Keep answers brief and succinct; longer answers tend to be difficult to follow
  • Ensure your budget balances

Health and wellbeing

  • Be specific about how your work or activity will provide meaningful health and wellbeing benefits and how it links into the community insight profile outcomes and recommendations
  • If you have evidence of impact clearly state this in your application 

Partnership working

  • Clearly demonstrate how you support organisations or collaborate with them
  • Include how partnership working contributes value to your project

Equalities, diversity and inclusion

  • Ensure you support your answer with data/evidence if you are an existing group/project
  • Those who include an action plan and monitoring information may score more highly
  • Clearly demonstrate how you will actively include those experiencing inequalities

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