What the Oxford Community Impact Fund is seeking to achieve

We are looking for this grant programme to help deliver the following key interconnected priorities, in line with the Council's Strategy

  • Support thriving communities
  • Enable an inclusive economy 
  • Pursue a zero carbon Oxford
  • Deliver more, affordable housing

How you want to respond to these priorities will be unique to your organisation. We can provide core, project or capital funding, in the combination that best suits your needs. We want you to apply for what works best for you and the people you support. 

Whilst delivering affordable housing is beyond the scope of this fund, the implications of a lack of affordable housing are nevertheless felt by all that try to support those in precarious and unsuitable housing.

The Fund aims to redress inequalities in Oxford and help those most in need but also to help prevent people from needing critical support in the first place. We welcome applications that build community resilience, introduce people to each other and strengthen community networks.

A collaborative approach

Working together effectively has been critical during the last two years as collectively we have tried to support our vulnerable residents through the pandemic. We've had to make changes to the funds available in this programme. It is therefore even more important for us to continue to have a joined up approach. We will expect those applying for the largest grants to act as ambassadors and mentors and to play an active role in developing skills for newcomers and supporting smaller groups. 

Supporting and encouraging innovation

We want to see good and best practice already existing in the city being shared more widely. We're also keen to hear about practices from elsewhere that could help improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of what you seek to achieve.


We need to ensure that our support can reach as many communities as possible. We want to fund a programme of projects that includes a range of activities and reflects a mix of communities and areas from across the city.

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