Oxford City Council is an equal opportunities organisation and we want everyone who is eligible to be able to apply for a grant from our new programme. We've thought carefully about the way we share and ask for information, including avoiding the use of initials and jargon, writing in plain English and keeping guidance short and easy to read.

You can learn more about how our website's in-built accessibility tools can help in our Accessibility statement.

If you have any feedback or ideas to help us improve, please do email us at grants@oxford.gov.uk

Online form accessibility

Our grant forms are hosted by Plinth (Time to Spare), which allows you to instantly translate the text (using the translation function in the top right of the page). Your internet browser will also have embedded accessibility tools - for example see: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. There are also accessibility tools that you can access via Microsoft and Apple should you need them.

Further support

If you require further assistance, please get in touch with us as soon as you can at grants@oxford.gov.uk

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