Bonn to commemorate Oxford twinning anniversary by inviting local residents to visit city

Published: Thursday, 24th January 2019

To celebrate over 70 years of being twinned together, Bonn is to continue its long tradition of camaraderie with Oxford by opening its doors to visiting individuals and groups from the city.

Choirs, folk dancers, footballers, firefighters and Girl Guides are just some of those already heading off to meet up with their partner groups as part of Bonn’s Burgerfest ‘Oxford in Bonn’ celebrations. The visit will take place from Wednesday 10 April to Sunday 14 April. Guests are welcome to anytime between these dates and don’t need to be there for the whole time.

Places are still available and anyone with a special interest or activity they would like to share with Bonn is encouraged to get in contact with Cultural Development Manager, Paula Redway, for more information:

Are you a member of a knitting group? Theatre troupe? Historical society? Bonn would love to welcome you as part of the celebrations.

Home hospitality in Bonn may be possible depending on demand availability. Travel would be at the visitor’s expense.

Bonn and Oxford were one of the very first links to be set up as part of a twinning programme of post-war reconciliation between UK and German cities. A key aspect in sustaining such a link is an exchange visit between Oxford and Bonn every fourth year.

With a focus on promoting cultural activities and commercial ties between two cities, towns or countries, twinning allows local communities to benefit from collaborations such as school exchanges, artistic projects, sports tournaments, and social get-togethers. 

Oxford is currently twined with six cities - Bonn (Germany), Leiden (Netherlands), Grenoble (France), Perm (Russia), Wroclaw (Poland) and Leon (Nicaragua).

The birthplace of Beethoven and the prior capital of former West Germany, Bonn is a city full of character and history. It is small enough to walk across in an hour, with cafes and restaurants dotted around in the open and welcoming squares

For more information on Oxford & Bonn’s links, see here.

Councillor Mary Clarkson, Board Member for Culture and Communities said: “Every four years, Bonn Week is celebrated in one of its twin link cities. To have our twinned cities interact is to exemplify the fraternity and exchange that this programme is all about; I look forward to hearing about all the relationships rekindled and new friendships made’.