Consultation launched on Manzil Way Gardens improvements

Published: Thursday, 6th December 2018

Oxford City Council is seeking the views of nearby residents, workers and visitors to Manzil Way Gardens on how they would like to see the space further improved. The Council has already invested in improving the play park, making it bigger, removing hedges and benches from the front of the play park and removing overgrown shrubs, now they are looking to improve the western side of the park too.

Manzil Way Gardens has suffered from anti-social behaviour in the past. But several agencies have successfully worked together in recent months to improve the reputation of the area and make it more accessible for everyone.

By understanding more about how people use Manzil Way Gardens and how they would like to use it in future, the Council hopes to make the most of the funding available to improve the area.

Councillor Louise Upton, Board Member for Healthy Oxford said: "There have been real improvements made at Manzil Way Gardens over the past year or so to make it an area accessible to and enjoyed by all members of the community. We hope that by making some small but well thought through improvements we can continue to increase the appeal and use of the area.

"If you ever walk along Cowley Road, please do let us know what you would like to see change at Manzil Way Gardens."

The survey will run for a period of four weeks from 6 December to 4 January. Survey sheets and ballot boxes will be placed in several public buildings in the area. Council officers will also be visiting nearby homes and businesses to gather views. The survey can also be completed on the consultation pages of the Council website.