Council agrees in principle to commit £18.85 million for Northern Gateway infrastructure works

Published: Tuesday, 4th December 2018

Funds will support key infrastructure works at Northern Gateway.

The City Council has resolved in principle to use funds from Homes England and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts from the development of Oxford North to support infrastructure works at the Northern Gateway site.

Oxford North is expected to generate £8.85 million in CIL receipts, while a further £10 million of funding has been provisionally secured by the Council from Homes England, subject to planning permission being granted.

The funds will help to ensure that the planned Oxford North development at the 44-hectare Northern Gateway site meets requirements in terms of sufficient transport infrastructure and housing, including affordable housing.

A planning application for the development of Oxford North was submitted by developers Thomas White Oxford in August and will be considered by the West Area Planning Committee at the appropriate point

The Council’s decision to fund the infrastructure works was made on the basis that this is without prejudice to any consideration of the merits of the current planning application by the council in its capacity as local planning authority.

The Northern Gateway area containing Oxford North is a strategic site identified in the local plan for the development of employment space and housing. It proposes 480 homes, a 90,000 square metre commercial innovation quarter, 180 hotel bed spaces, vehicle, pedestrian and cycle access points, and highway works, including roads providing access to the site from the A40 and A44.