Time running out to get on the new register

Published: Tuesday, 20th November 2018

Every year the City Council draws up the new electoral register. We have already sent out the canvass form and reminder, for households to respond to. The cut-off date to get on the new register is 30 November and until then we'll have canvassers out and about visiting those that haven’t yet replied.

The electoral register is the list of everyone who is entitled to vote in elections. Those not on the register will not be able to vote. The quickest and easiest way to register is by going to the register to vote website

You can also register by phone or text (the details are on the form) or you can return the form by post if that’s easiest for you. You’ll need the form as it contains the security codes that are used during the registration process.

Oxford City Council Returning Officer, Anita Bradley, said: "If you want to have a say on how the Council or the Government is run, you need to vote. And to vote you need to be registered.

"Taking part in the democratic process is a well-founded right, but we all need to be sure that we register to take part. It doesn't take long to register and it will ensure you can exercise your voice through the ballot box." 

"Have you recently moved house? Are you a student wanting to vote in Oxford? Whatever the reason it's important  to make sure you're registered. It’s a very simple process - make sure you can play a part by registering." 

"Being on the electoral register is an important part of your credit score too. Not being registered may affect your credit rating as the register is used to confirm addresses for credit checks when applying for a loan, mobile phone or mortgage. "

Everyone aged 18 and over who is eligible to vote must register.

For more information phone 01865 249811 or email elections@oxford.gov.uk