Gipsy Lane cleanup completed

Published: Wednesday, 14th November 2018

The two-week Gipsy Lane clean up has ended and the results are in.

The campaign, which ran from 15 October, targeted the area with an intensive deep clean. While this was underway staff from Oxford Direct Services went from door to door to advise residents and businesses on refuse collection and recycling.

During the two weeks the teams were joined by volunteers from nearby Oxford Brookes University and Cheney School  who helped to make sure the area received a well-deserved brush up. 

Apart from sweeping the roads, 145 households were door-knocked by recycling officers and Oxford Brookes University student wardens. Between them they secured 48 sign-ups to the Clean Green pledge, with a further 83 pledges signed at a launch day event and at a road show at Oxford Brookes University. Those signing up to the pledge promise to help keep the community clean and green by picking up after their dogs, keeping hold of litter, cigarettes or gum until they find a bin, keeping their gardens tidy and reporting flytipping, along with other clean and green actions.

Nine issues of anti-social waste were investigated by the Community Response Team. These included incidents of waste being left in gardens. Follow up action will be taken where it's necessary. 

Four cases were investigated by the Houses in Multiple Occupation enforcement team. Three fly-tips were cleared, at the junction of Grays and Old Road, Valentia Road Park and Stonor Close. 

Councillor Nigel Chapman, Board Member for Customer Focused Services, said: "We know that by focusing cleaning efforts in an area for two weeks we can make a tangible, lasting difference to the people that live there.

"Events like this bring together staff, residents, and in this case enthusiastic volunteers from Oxford Brookes University, with the aim of  cleaning up the area and keeping it that way. I want to thank all of the people who supported this initiative. 

"The City Council and Oxford Direct Services are planning more targeted clean-ups for 2019 and we'll publicise the details as soon as they are confirmed."  

As well as Gipsy Lane, other areas that have benefited from intensive clean ups include Cowley Road, the Templar Road Estate, Barton, Rose Hill and Greater Leys.

To report street cleaning problems in your area visit our street cleaning webpage.