A clean green Gipsy Lane

Published: Tuesday, 16th October 2018

For two weeks between 15 and 28 October Oxford Direct Services staff are concentrating their cleaning efforts on the Gipsy Lane area of Headington.

The teams will carry out street cleaning, clear gullies and keep a lookout for cigarette butts. They will be out and about checking on litter hot spots, bringing in mechanical street sweepers, and focusing on dealing with dog fouling.

They'll also be knocking on doors to bring the Council's clean and green message to residents, answer their questions about recycling and listen to their concerns about keeping the area clean. 

Residents will be invited to sign up to the Clean Green Pledge, promising that they'll clear up after their dogs, keep hold of litter, cigarettes and gum until they find a bin, keep gardens tidy, help keep footpaths clear, donate items to charity rather than binning them and report fly tipping to the Council. 

Cllr Nigel Chapman, Board Member for Customer Focused Services said: “Gipsy Lane will benefit from a concentrated clean up as we target our resources in this latest area-based clean and green campaign.

"We've found that focusing our resources in this way yields tangible benefits and that residents respond positively. The result will be a clear improvement to an area and one that, with residents' involvement, will mean Gipsy Lane remains clean and green for a long time to come."

The campaign was launched with a roadshow event yesterday, 15 October, at Gray’s Road Store (photo attached). There will also be a roadshow at Oxford Brookes University on 22 October, aimed at getting the recycling message over to new students.

Cllr Mark Lygo, Churchill ward councillor, said: "The launch of the Clean Green Gypsy Lane estate was well attended by all stakeholders involved. I was extremely pleased that students from Cheney School and Oxford Brookes University participated in litter picks and raising awareness. I’d like to thank the residents who continuously work with Oxford City Council recycling team and local councillors to ensure our community benefits from our walkabouts, highlighting issues that arise on the doorstep. The educational approach has had a real impact, and I hope in the next two weeks we’d have spoken to all residents."

Andrea Siret, Head of Community Engagement and Social Responsibility at Oxford Brookes University said: "The University is excited to partner with Oxford City Council and support this campaign. We have a large number of students living on the estate and we will be encouraging them to participate by managing their waste and keeping the area clean. The Student Community Wardens, who are students currently studying at Brookes that help other students living off-campus to settle into the community, will help to deliver these key messages throughout the campaign, including promotion, providing guidance and regularly litter picking the area. 

"This is a fantastic example of collaborative working and Oxford Brookes University values the opportunity to join up key messages and contribute to initiatives like this, that not only creates a nicer environment for all residents but also helps the environment."

Previous areas that have benefited from a concentrated spruce up have included Cowley Road, Barton, Littlemore and the Templar Road Estate.