Cycling expert to speak at Town Hall

Published: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

A cycling expert who recommended large scale Government investment in Oxford's cycling  infrastructure is visiting the city to speak at a public meeting this evening.

Andrew Gilligan's report for the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), Running Out of Road, called for the Government to invest £150 million to improve cycling in Oxford.

Mr Gilligan said: "I'm delighted to be back in Oxford and to be discussing how we take my report forward with both the city and the county councils."

The NIC report said that the money would stop Oxford 'seizing up' and that getting more people to cycle is the quickest, cheapest and least disruptive way to relieve pressure on the roads. It recommended creating five high-quality segregated or low-traffic routes: Botley Road, Banbury Road, Eastern Arc, High Street/Iffley Road/East Oxford and the Marston cycle path. Getting more people to cycle is the quickest, cheapest and least disruptive way to relieve pressure on the roads

Cllr Tom Hayes, Board Member for Safer Greener Environment will be at the meeting. He said: "We’re delighted to be welcoming Andrew Gilligan back to the city to talk about his cycling report to the Government. I look forward to introducing London’s former cycling commissioner at the event organised by Low Carbon Oxford North, Cyclox, Oxford University, and Oxford Civic Society. 

"Oxford welcomes the findings of the National Infrastructure Committee and its calls for a £150m worth of investment in the improvement of cycling infrastructure in and around Oxford. Oxford’s Charter for Cleaner Air calls on the Government to invest more in cycling infrastructure to give people real alternatives. There is no safe level of air pollution—getting people onto bikes will take vehicles off Oxford’s creaking streets, in line with our commitment to cut congestion, while our journey into a Zero Emission Zone will ensure that any vehicles remaining will be electrified or electric, in line with our commitment to clean up our dirty air.

"The City Council is committed to connecting communities, dedicated to cheap ways of getting around, and eager to help people to stay healthy. That means growing the number of journeys made by bike. But, because how safe you feel on a bike determines whether or not you get on one, this Council particularly welcomes Mr Gilligan’s calls for segregated cycle tracks on main roads, new off-road routes, and remodeled junctions. We want Oxford to be not just the UK’s cycling city, but another Amsterdam."

The public meeting, Running out of Road, is at Oxford Town Hall in the Assembly Room, on 2 October 2018. Doors open at 6.30pm. 

The report, Running Out of Road is available on the National Infrastructure Commission website.