Council responds to Government statement on Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

Published: Wednesday, 12th September 2018

Councillor Susan Brown, Leader of Oxford City Council, said:

“We note the Government’s announcement of the proposed corridor for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway. However, this opaque process - with the decision made by Highways England – does little to reduce uncertainty for people in Oxford and those that travel to work here. It remains wholly unclear which side of Oxford the final route will take, let alone how the Expressway might help reduce the congestion on the overstretched A34 and A40. 
“The interface between the proposed Expressway and the new East-West Rail is also key. We welcome the commitment to plan for and invest in major infrastructure to support housing and economic growth in Oxfordshire, but we want to see the development of integrated transport systems and the prioritisation of clean, green and public transport.  These principles need to be central in determining the final detailed route. We will now look closely at the proposals and will want to make sure there is a meaningful public consultation conducted by Highways England.”