Statement on Hinksey Heated Outdoor Pool

Published: Friday, 20th July 2018

Councillor Linda Smith, Board Member for Leisure and Housing, said: “Due to the current heat wave, many residents are heading to Hinksey Pool to enjoy it with their families and friends.

Our leisure operator, Fusion Lifestyle have been working hard to limit wait times and ensure that everyone will get to enjoy our fantastic pool, whilst keeping all visitors safe.   

"Hundreds of visitors came to Hinksey Pool over the weekend and had a fantastic time thanks to the hard work of the team at the pool. The 15 minute swim/45 minute poolside banding system was used for only an hour and a half during the busiest period of the day. The rest of the day visitors were given 30 minutes swim time followed by 30 minutes poolside, or were able to swim without any restrictions.

"Visitors are always informed of the banding system before payment, and the 15 minute swim sessions are only implemented during the very busiest periods of the day. Alongside the pool facility, Hinksey Heated Outdoor Pool also has areas for relaxing with free parasols, a café area and a ping pong table that visitors can use when they are not in the pool.

"This system is flexible and adaptable to the changing visitor numbers throughout the day, it avoids people being disappointed by being turned away from the facility, and avoids long queues building up at the gates, therefore it will continue to be used on the most busy days during the summer."