Noise control during Oxford rail works 6 to 23 July2018

Published: Thursday, 5th July 2018

We have been working with Network Rail and its contractors to make sure that the forthcoming railway improvement works between Oxford Station and Wolvercote cause as little noise as possible.

Network Rail applied for a legal consent from the Environmental Health service because some of the rail works will be noisy and at unsociable times. The Council’s role is to check the construction plans and methods looking for noise control good practice, such that we are satisfied a noise consent can be granted. This includes how and when the work is to be carried out, how noise and vibration will be monitored and controlled and how those likely to be affected are informed.

Network Rail has written to thousands of rail-side neighbours to tell them about the works and give contact numbers in case of complaint. During the rail works programme Council officers will also be monitoring noise and checking that their Consent conditions are being met.

For more information or to make a noise complaint visit our web pages or email

For details of the work visit the Network Rail website.