Oxford and Padua formally acknowledge friendship

Published: Thursday, 10th May 2018

To mark Europe Day (Wednesday 9 May), Oxford and Padua have formally acknowledged and supported the friendship between the two cities.

Representatives signed a formal agreement on Wednesday 9 May at Oxford Town Hall, recognising the strong links between Oxford and the Italian city of Padua.

On Tuesday 8 May and Wednesday 9 May, Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford hosted a delegation from the Italian city of Padua.

Representatives from the Padua University (Università degli Studi di Padova), and vicesindaco (Vice Mayor) Arturo Lorenzoni met with Councillor Jean Fooks, Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor Linda Smith, Deputy Leader, Councillor John Tanner, Councillor Susanna Pressel, former Councillor Bob Price, and staff from the University of Oxford.

The delegation highlighted the strong ties between the cities, and signed a memorandum of understanding stating both cities support a friendship.

Oxford University and Università degli Studi di Padova are currently tied through the the Sub-Faculty of Italian at Oxford and italianistica at the University of Padua. 

Councillor Jean Fooks, Lord Mayor of Oxford, said: “I am delighted that we have agreed to develop the friendship between Padua and Oxford, involving both city and university links.  We have much in common and will both benefit from strengthening our connections. It was a great pleasure to host the Padua delegation in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour.”

Councillor John Tanner, Chair of the Oxford León Association said: “Whatever happens in the Brexit talks Oxford City Council is determined to build ever closer links with cities in the rest of Europe. We are thrilled to meet with representatives of the ancient city of Padua, Italy on Europe Day. Oxford City Council is flying the European Union flag to mark Europe Day and our new friendship with Padua. The United Kingdom is still a member of the EU so for now this is the common flag of both Padua and Oxford.”  

Councillor Linda Smith, Deputy Leader of Oxford City Council said: “We are very pleased to be acknowledging the link between Oxford and Padua. The signing of the memorandum of understanding will allow us to celebrate the links between the two cities and will help encourage friendship between citizens of both cities. Our links and friendships with our European counterparts are more important than ever during this period of uncertainty about our future relationship with the European Union.”