Council consultation to assess housing needs of boat dwellers

Published: Friday, 16th March 2018

The City Council is consulting with boat dwellers in Oxford to assess their accommodation needs as part of the development of the city’s new Local Plan to 2036.

The consultation will commence this month, and will be conducted on behalf of the City Council by RRR Consultancy, which has significant experience in undertaking work with the boat dweller community. A final assessment report will be published by September this year.

A large part of the assessment involves surveying boat dwellers to find out more about their accommodation needs. The surveys contain sections regarding: demographic details, accommodation type, moorings, facilities and amenities, local services, health, education and employment, travelling, and future needs. 

The survey will determine the current and future accommodation requirements of boat dwellers and, importantly, the difference between need and demand. 

The new Local Plan will support Oxford’s role as a fast-growing city by balancing the needs of its current and future residents and businesses. It will aim to generate economic growth for the local and national economy through protecting and allocating sufficient employment sites while maximising the delivery of affordable homes to meet housing need.