Oxford City Council Streetscene team pay tribute to friend and colleague

Published: Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Oxford City Council’s Streetscene team have paid tribute to their friend and colleague, Richard Hamilton, who has sadly passed away.

Mr Hamilton worked as a Streetscene Operative and joined Oxford City Council in 2003.

Ian Thompson, Streetscene Operations Manager said: “The whole Streetscene team are devastated by the sudden loss of Richard.

“He was always a joy to work with and a wonderful presence to be around. In the mornings he was always one of the first to work, greeted everyone with a smile and a chirpy good morning, and was always the go to man if anyone needed any help or advice.

“He always had wonderful stories to tell us about what happened while he was out in his sweeper, his work with the Sea Cadets, or his recent holiday to New Zealand. We all knew how proud he was of his daughter and the project he was helping her in Cornwall on a property.

“Richard started on the toilet round and, even a number of years later if he had to use a public convenience and it wasn’t up to standard, he would be the first to let the operative know. He always said that he didn’t know how not to work.

“He was very proud to be part of this team and his tireless work to keep Oxford clean and tidy. He will be greatly missed by us all.”

Richard’s fellow Streetscene Operatives reflected on their time working with him:

Louise Porter said: “He was a gentleman – someone you could trust – always willing to help or give advice and the pride in his work was there for all to see”

Peter Liptrot said: “He was an expert sweeper driver, taught others and always had pride in his sweeper, it was probably the cleanest on the council – he was known for the way he cleaned it and regularly was covered from top to toe after power washing it”

Lee Proper said: “I learnt so much from Richard, he would always be willing to share experiences and methods of work – but also a font of knowledge and a go to man”

Vince Adcock said:  “He was a great mate in work. I have a passion for fishing, and I would see Richard on the lakes and rivers around Oxford, in all weathers spending time with the Sea Cadets and teaching them how to sail and be safe. We had a lot of banter as I said it wasn’t my poor fishing, it must have been the boats stopping me getting a bite.”