Council begins re-cladding of Windrush and Evenlode tower blocks

Published: Monday, 22nd January 2018

The City Council has started the removal of the existing rain-screen cladding at Evenlode and Windrush towers in Blackbird Leys to make way for its replacement with improved non-combustible material.

The new rainscreen cladding being installed is in line with the requirements of the updated central government guidance.

Fortem, the Council’s contractors on the £21 million tower blocks repairs project, will carry out the recladding works. Residents have been informed of the new schedule of works, which are expected to be completed by July this year. The Council will replace the existing ACM cladding on Evenlode and Windrush towers with Opus Euroclad, an A1 solid aluminium sheet similar to the one used on Plowman and Foresters towers. 

Fortem have started external works around Windrush tower to improve the grounds, car park, fencing, landscaping, and front entrance. This will involve closing off a number of parking spaces to allow the work to proceed.  

Cllr Mike Rowley, Board Member for Housing, said: “I’m delighted that re-cladding works have now begun at Windrush and Evenlode towers. This will put to rest concerns about the safety of the tower blocks as residents will be reassured by the knowledge that their homes now meet all aspects of fire safety as prescribed by the Government and indeed exceed requirements as sprinklers have also been installed. We have also entered the final phase of this transformative tower blocks project, with landscaping works around the towers now being carried out. Residents have been informed and notices advising on access to communal car parks outside the two blocks during the landscaping works have been issued.”