Bi-Visibility Day to be marked in Oxford

Published: Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Bi-Visibility Day will be marked in Oxford on Saturday 23 September with a special flag flown over the Town Hall.

The day celebrates bisexuality, bisexual history, and the bisexual community and culture.

It is the second year that the City Council has flown the Bi-Pride Flag – which is pink, purple and blue – over the Town Hall’s 1930s extension (above Edinburgh Woollen Mill).

The City Council also marks Oxford Pride in June and International Trans Day of Remembrance in November by flying the special flags for these occasions.

East Oxford resident Stephanie Tee submitted the request to fly the flag.

She said: “I hope flying the flag will contribute to bisexuality being more widely recognised as a valid identity. We are not people who are ‘too scared to be gay’ or who ‘haven’t made our minds up yet’. I have identified as bi since my early twenties; it’s not just a phase.

“It’s important for bi people to realise they are not alone or a freak when they find themselves attracted to people of more than one gender. Feeling like you have to hide a key aspect of yourself can have a serious impact on mental health.

“Fifty years ago people realised that gay men weren’t criminals and should be able to freely express their sexuality. I hope that the same can be true for bisexuals too.”

Councillor Tom Hayes, whose Executive Board responsibilities include tackling hate crime, said: "Oxford and Britain are by almost every measure better places to live as LGBT people, but sadly there hasn't been the same speed and scale of progress for all parts of the LGBT community.

“Bi and trans people in particular feel like they are being left behind. For example ,bi characters are hard to come by in popular culture.

“As a council we seek to create a cohesive and tolerant community in the city and to understand the particular challenges facing different groups. Flying this flag has come from an initiative by bisexual people working within the city and we are very glad to be supporting them and International Bi Visibility Day.”

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