Oxford City Council granted injunction following anti-social behaviour

Published: Thursday, 29th June 2017

Oxford City Council has been granted a two-year injunction against an Oxford resident following anti-social behaviour.

Romaine Macintosh, 31, of Liddell Road, was given the injunction at Oxford County Court on 20 June.

The injunction bans Macintosh from:

  • Engaging in behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm annoyance or distress to any person in Oxford
  • Entering the city centre unless for certain approved appointments
  • Contacting victims in the case     

The injunction, a power given under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, will stand until March 2019.

Oxford County Court heard that Macintosh had been involved in a range of anti-social behaviour, including supplying drugs to vulnerable people.

The court, in granting the application, said it was satisfied that Macintosh had committed anti-social behaviour that caused harassment, alarm or distress to neighbours.

The prosecution was brought, in partnership, by Oxford City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Thames Valley Police.

Councillor Tom Hayes, Executive Board Member for Community Safety, said: “Oxford City Council will pursue every measure to keep vulnerable people safe, as this result clearly shows.

“We are committed to tackling all drug dealing in the city and encourage anyone who is experiencing exploitation, or knows someone who may be experiencing exploitation, to contact the City Council, confidentially or otherwise.”

To report anti-social behaviour to the City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team, please contact 01865 249811 or saferoxford@oxford.gov.uk.