Local Elections - 4 May 2017

Published: Tuesday, 2nd May 2017

On Thursday 4 May 207 there were elections for Oxfordshire County Council, a Headington Neighbourhood Planning referendum and a by-election for Barton and Sandhills ward of Oxford City Council.

For more information visit our Local Elections page.  

Election Results

Oxfordshire County Council elections

The Oxfordshire County Council election was counted, and result declared, in Abingdon on Friday 5 May 2017. The results are available on the Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

Barton and Sandhills ward by-election

A by-election was held in Barton and Sandhills Ward on Thursday 4 May 2017.

Results were announced late on Thursday 4 May 2017 and are shown below:

Election results - 4 May 2017
Name Description Number of Votes Elected?
Independent 208  
Symon James
Green Party 103  
The Labour Party 698 Elected
The Conservative Party Candidate 284  
Liberal Democrat 194  

Turnout: 30%

Headington Neighbourhood Planning referendum

On Thursday 4 May 2017, there was a referendum on the neighbourhood development plan for Headington.

The question asked in the referendum was:

Do you want Oxford City Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Headington to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area? 

Results were announced late on Thursday 4 May 2017 and are shown below:

  • Yes: 3,310
  • No: 543

Turnout: 38%