Council to seek development partner for Blackbird Leys regeneration

Published: Friday, 28th April 2017

The City Council has appointed property consultants CBRE to go to the market in the next couple of months to seek a development partner for the regeneration of Blackbird Leys district centre.

The announcement follows the Council’s successful bid for £745,000 from the government’s Estate Regeneration Fund to support the feasibility and other preparatory work to deliver the Blackbird Leys and Barton regeneration schemes. 

The development partner is expected to bring skills and investment to help deliver the scheme, which is part of the Council’s regeneration programme for the area. Many of the Blackbird Leys district centre’s buildings, which were developed in the 1950s and '60s, are now suffering from significant deterioration. The new development will provide a mix of shops, around 190 new homes, a new community centre and public realm. 

The process of procuring a development partner will take a substantial amount of time as it is subject to procurement rules. The Leys Community Partnership has been informed of CBRE’s appointment, and local residents will also take part in the selection of the developer towards the end of this year.

Fiona Piercy, Oxford City Council’s Assistant Chief Executive for Regeneration and Economy, said: “I’m pleased with the appointment of CBRE and the next steps that we will be taking together to get a development partner to help deliver this scheme. We have shared this update with residents and stakeholders at the Leys Community Partnership. 

“We will be contacting individual residents of the district centre who may be affected by the redevelopment of the area and having one to one meetings with them over the course of the year to share the plans, including alternative accommodation arrangements for the duration of the redevelopment, and address any concerns that they might have. We are also inviting anyone with concerns to approach us so that we can address them.”