Oxford City Council installs new LED floodlights at Barton games area

Published: Thursday, 9th March 2017

Oxford City Council has installed new LED floodlights on the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) in Taggs Gate, Barton.

The three-week project, which was completed in December 2016, cost £19,000.

The floodlights are highly-efficient LED lights that have low levels of light spills, limiting the impact on nearby residents.

They work on a push button system, so will only be on when the site is in use.

The MUGA, which has football goals, and basketball or netball hoops, is free to use and publically available.

For more information about MUGAs in Oxford, please email the City Council’s Sports and Physical Activity team on parks@oxford.gov.uk.

Oxford City Council aims to tackle health inequalities in Oxford and encourage more people to take part in sport and physical activity. Men in the most deprived area of Oxford die, on average, 9.7 years younger than those in the least deprived area.

Councillor Linda Smith, Executive Board Member for Leisure, Parks and Sport, said: "Providing young people with opportunities to get more active is an important priority for Oxford City Council. The Taggs Gate games area in Barton is well used and the newly installed floodlighting will mean the fun won't have to stop when the light starts to fade. This is another example of the City Council investing wisely in our facilities and our communities."