Community and Council come together to clean up Barton

Published: Monday, 19th December 2016

For two weeks in November, a Clean and Green campaign saw the City Council focusing its resources on Barton to give it an intensive spruce up.

During the campaign council staff and groups of enthusiastic volunteers tackled litter, graffiti and flytips, as well as dog fouling and garden and highway waste, to get Barton looking pristine. Added to this, council staff knocked 253 doors to talk to residents about issues that included food waste and recycling, bulky waste removal and preventing environmental crime.

A total of 249 gullies were cleared, 350 highway and pavement defects were addressed, abandoned bicycles were collected, five public waste bins were replaced and four gardens were cleared. All this was followed up with intensive road sweeping and deep cleaning of pavements.

The clean-up netted around 16000 kg of street waste including leaves, the equivalent in weight of about four elephants.

A new dual recycling bin was installed at the Barton shop fronts to help promote recycling.

The Council sent out patrols to target known litter hotspots around the park and the estate aiming to both enforce legislation and promote good behaviour. They also gave out dog bags to encourage owners to clean up after their pets.

The two-week intensive effort was rounded off with the help of volunteers who joined in to fill a skip and trailer full of waste out of Bayswater Brook. St Mary’s and St Aldate's churches also joined in the campaign with effective litter picks around Barton.

Cllr John Tanner, Board Member for Clean and Green Oxford said: “A big thank you to all the residents in Barton and to the Council staff for an excellent clean-up campaign. It’s great to see less litter, less dog mess and much more recycling. Now the important thing is to keep up the good work so Barton leads the rest of Oxford in being both clean and green.”