Flag to be flown to mark Transgender Remembrance Day

Published: Thursday, 17th November 2016

Oxford City Council will fly the Transgender Pride Flag to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday 20 November.

The flag – which is pink, blue and white and represents the spectrum of gender – will fly above Oxford’s Town Hall in St Aldate’s throughout the day.

Transgender Day of Remembrance remembers those who have been killed, but also those who have taken their own life, because they have chosen to live as their preferred gender.

Councillor Ed Turner, Oxford City Council Deputy Leader, said: “We are proud of Oxford's position as a welcoming, tolerant city, while always aware that there is more that can be done so that everyone can feel at home here.

“Flying the Transgender Pride Flag is intended to send out a clear message that we stand side by side with transgendered people, while thinking of those who have been victims of persecution on grounds of their transgender identity.”

Dr Clara Barker, Vice Chair of Oxford University’s LGBT Advisory Group, said: “I feel very privileged to live in a place as accepting as Oxford; a place where I am free to be myself. Not everyone is so lucky, and so we continue to spread awareness of the adversary the transgender community faces.

“It is sad that each year we have to remember so many people who lost their lives because of who they are. So it is amazing to see Oxford City Council flying the trans flag on the Transgender Day of Remembrance and show that our lives matter to the community.”