“Buy Social” makes business a force for good

Published: Friday, 14th October 2016

Events and activities around Oxford city and across the county are showcasing the impact Social Enterprises make to the local social and economic landscape.

Awarded the accolade as the first Social Enterprise County, Oxfordshire is a leading region harnessing business to support local communities.

“Social Saturday” is a Social Enterprise UK campaign to promote Social Enterprises, which are businesses that reinvest profits back into local communities. It highlights how a simple purchase can make money go further and help address the challenges being tackled by these organisations.

The schedule of events includes visits from every local MP in the county to a Social Enterprise in their constituency, as well as support from local councillors. Andrew Smith MP is attending a book launch on Friday 14th October at the award winning Social Enterprise Made With Joy, which creates digital solutions whilst improving the lives of those who work there. Its founder, Joy Foster, said, “It’s a chance for us to demonstrate how we are solving social problems with entrepreneurial ideas and will give a great boost to our team”.

Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council recognises the growth and value of Social Enterprises to the city and the economic development of the county. He said: “The City Council is supporting Social Saturday as just part of our commitment to embrace and encourage Social Enterprise, which helps grow the local economy and supports local people, especially the vulnerable and those in most need. We have some stand out examples undertaking amazing work”.

The events and activities are being coordinated and promoted by OSEP, a partnership between the universities and Student Hubs, which reaches out to support social entrepreneurs in the wider community. OxLEP, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and Oxford City Council are also endorsing the initiative.

The variety of Social Enterprises across the county range from café’s to leisure centres, music schools to recycling projects. The schedule of events is listed on the OSEP website: www.osep.org.uk