Oxfordshire Healthcare Transformation Programme consultation to begin in January 2017

Published: Monday, 26th September 2016

The public consultation on proposals for changes to health services in Oxfordshire is set to start at the end of December / beginning of January 2017.

Although originally scheduled to begin in October, Oxfordshire’s Transformation Board agreed the consultation should begin later to ensure proposals for change are tested rigorously before options are finalised for patients and the public to have their say.

Public engagement will continue through until the end of December to the launch of the consultation and will help inform the final proposals.

Proposals are likely to put forward options that focus on a more ambulatory model of care in Oxfordshire as suggested in the Five Year Forward View1, whereby the best bed for someone in which to recover is their own and care will be provided on an outpatient basis including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment / intervention and rehabilitation services and support; unless treatment in hospital is the best place for a patient at the time.

More information is available on the Oxfordshire Healthcare Transformation Programme website.