Bye gum!

Published: Friday, 23rd September 2016

Probably the most difficult littering problem most towns and cities have to deal with is gum – discarded by thoughtless chewers, it sticks to pavements, is unsightly and is a nightmare to remove.

Enter the Gladiator MV700 – a top-of-the-range gum removal machine that deep-cleanses and removes all traces of gum and grime without risk of damage to paving surfaces. The City Council has bought one of the machines and it’s set to become a familiar sight around Oxford.

The Gladiator uses low pressure steam and natural bio-degradable detergents to clean the surface and then lift the gum off, vacuuming it up for disposal.

Gum and stain removal was highlighted as a concern in the Council’s Cleaner Greener campaign in 2015, After focusing on education and enforcement, the Council needed to find a way to tackle the sticky problem head on and decided that the Gladiator was the best way to do it. 

Cllr John Tanner, Board Member for a Clean and Green Oxford said: “Sticky dirty chewing gum, that someone has thoughtlessly spat out on to the street, sticks to your shoe and is horrible to look at. This new machine gets rid of the gum and will make Oxford look much smarter.

“It would be even nicer if more people wrapped their gum in paper and put it in the bin. Chew if you must but don't spit it out. It costs the taxpayer money to clean up and makes parts of Oxford an eyesore.”

The benefit to the city will be long term as the Gladiator keeps the streets gum and stain free so that residents and visitors can experience and even cleaner city.