Oxford City Council sets fly-tipping fines at highest possible level

Published: Friday, 16th September 2016

Oxford City Council has decided to set Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for fly tipping at the new maximum limit.

In May 2016, the Government updated legislation to give local authorities the option to issue FPNs, of between £150 and £400, for fly-tipping offences.

At yesterday’s (16/9) City Executive Board meeting, the City Council agreed to set the FPNs for fly tipping at £400.

Councillor Dee Sinclair, Executive Board member for Community Safety, said: “The City Council is sending a clear message that fly tipping will not be accepted in Oxford.”

The City Council dealt with 874 fly-tipping offences in 2012, 1,395 in 2013, 1,384 in 2014 and 1,909 in 2015.

Removing fly tipping costs tax payers between about £40 and £450 per removal.