City Council presents ideas for a £2million refurbishment of the East Oxford Community Centre

Published: Tuesday, 16th August 2016

A feasibility study commissioned by the City Council has produced proposals for a £2 million redevelopment of the East Oxford Community Centre (EOCC) site in Cowley Road.

The proposed refurbishment and redevelopment scheme would provide state of the art modern facilities and a flexible set of spaces for community uses.

Officers from the City Council met stakeholders at the EOCC on Monday 15 August to present the findings from the study, which has produced a range of options for the redevelopment of the community centre site, from doing nothing and maintaining the centre as it is, to using some of the space to secure more funds that would enable a much higher quality, more comprehensive improvement scheme.

If the current East Oxford Games Hall and Film Oxford sites were to be sold, together with parts of the community centre site, £2 million could be generated to fund a comprehensive refurbishment of the EOCC. The existing centre could be transformed into a high quality flexible facility  more attuned to current and future needs and ,and with a much reduced carbon footprint. 

The Council’s plans for the centre will be driven by the needs of current and future users of the Community Centre, and the aim will be to create a modern community hub with potential for future expansion. The City Council is preparing a consultation strategy and will put the options out to public consultation in the autumn. 

Download the East Oxford Community Centre Concise Feasibility Study.

Councillor Christine Simm, Board Member for Communities and Culture said: “Redeveloping East Oxford Community Centre is part of our commitment to provide high quality community and leisure facilities. We want to ensure that our community buildings and spaces are of modern standards, well used, and inclusive. We’d like to hear from as many people from East Oxford as possible on the redevelopment options, so make sure to participate in the public consultations when they’re held later this year.”

The proposed redevelopment of the EOCC is part of the council’s investment in community centres and leisure facilities across the city. £4.7m has been invested in the development of Rose Hill Community Centre, £9m in the Leys Pools and Leisure Centre, and £4.5m in the refurbishment of sports pavilions across the city.