Oxford City Council provides £6,000 to help communities across Oxford run events

Published: Thursday, 4th August 2016

Oxford City Council has given £6,155 of small grants to community groups and charities to help run events and projects across the city.

The money has helped fund a range of events, from the Barton play and activity day and Oxford Mela earlier this summer to Ark T Centre’s festival for disabled children and young people later this year.

The money has come from the small community grants pot, which is part of a wider £1.5m of grants that the City Council gives away every year.

The small grants provided:

  • £1,000 to the Oxford Hindu Temple and Community Centre to contribute towards the seventh Oxford Summer Mela on 21 May
  • £150 to Churches Together in Headington to contribute towards promoting the 2016 Headington Fun Day on 9 July
  • £500 to West Oxford Community Association to contribute towards organising and running the West Oxford Fun Day on 9 July
  • £800 to the Oxford Polish Association to contribute towards the cost to organise and deliver a family picnic to celebrate Father’s Day on 19 June
  • £1,000 to the Oxfordshire Play Association to contribute towards Barton play and activity day on 11 June
  • £500 to the Young People’s Puppet Theatre to pay transport costs to take staging and puppets to the Story Museum or a production called The Tinderbox on 5 July, and provide a short film of the performance
  • £750 to Barton Community Association to contribute towards children and young people activities at the Barton Bash in November
  • £655 to L’il Tapz to contribute towards room hire and the organisation’s celebration event in September
  • £800 to Ark T Centre to contribute towards Sparkfest, a festival for disabled children and young people on 29 October

The £6,155 funding was given to the community groups and charities through two funding rounds, which took place in April and June 2016.

Councillor Christine Simm, Oxford City Council Executive Board Member for Culture and Communities, said: “I am constantly thrilled to see just how many brilliant community activities are taking place in our City.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer some financial help towards these great events; we know the challenges for community and voluntary organisations in securing sufficient funds to survive, and we hope we can continue to make a difference for these groups.”

Oxford City Council provides £1.5m of grants to community and voluntary organisations every year, including through the youth ambition grants, annual grants programme, small community grants, and grants for organisations to run holiday activities for young people.

The City Council is committed to maintaining the funding until at least April 2018.

On top of this, the City Council also provides £1.4m of funding every year through grants to homelessness organisations and charities in the city.

For grant application forms and more information about the City Council’s grant programme, please visit our Grants pages