Northway and Marston Flood Alleviation Scheme planning applications submitted

Published: Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Planning applications have been submitted for a £2.2m flood alleviation scheme that will reduce the flood risk to 110 properties in Northway and Marston.

Oxford City Council successfully gained funding from Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Fund (£600,000) and the Environmental Agency (£1.6m) to deliver the project.

Permission to build the Northway and Marston Flood Alleviation Scheme has been sought in two parts.

The first planning application went in on 9 May. This seeks permission for work at Northway Community Field, Westland Drive, Saxon Way and Oxford Boxing Academy. Members of the public were invited to comment on this phase before 16 June and the consultation period is now closed.

The second planning application was submitted 9 June, and seeks permission for work at Court Place Farm Recreation Ground and Peasmoor Piece.

The work will include natural embankments being installed, the channel realigned and a wetland reserve created to use as temporary flood storage. Temporary storage means that when the area is hit with torrential rain, water is channelled to specific areas, held there temporarily and then released into the drainage system and waterways at a pace they can cope with. This prevents flooding of homes and businesses, roads and pavements.

The first planning application will be decided at a meeting on 6 July, while the second application will be decided at a meeting on 7 September.

Members of the public can comment on the planning application for phase 2 (16/01549/CT3) online before 26 July. To comment, search the City Council’s planning portal using the reference number.

If planning permission is granted, it is hoped the work will be completed in mid-2017.

Northway and Marston wards have been hit by flash flooding in the past due to their close proximity to Peasmoor Brook and the Headington Hill Tributary. It can take as little as half an hour of torrential rain to cause flooding of properties.

Oxford City Council is committed to tackling climate change, including by helping to reduce the impact of increased flooding.

Recent work has included implementing the Low Emission Zone to tackle air quality in Oxford city centre, trialling 100 electric vehicle charging stations in residential streets and making improvements to the city’s cycle network.

Oxford City Council has led and will deliver this project despite the fact that Oxfordshire County Council is the transport, emergency planning and Lead Local Flood Authority for Oxford.

Councillor John Tanner, Executive Board Member for a Clean and Green Oxford, said: “I’m thrilled that plans have now been submitted on this much-needed scheme. I encourage residents to take a look at the application and register any comments so that we get the details right.

“The Northway and Marston Flood Alleviation Scheme is yet another example of the City Council’s commitment to tackling climate change and reducing its impact on the city.

“We punch well above our weight and lead by example when it comes to tackling climate change, but we have ambitions to achieve even more.

“This is why we have teamed up with Oxfordshire’s district councils to launch a set of proposals that will devolve more power to local residents and unlock £1bn of government funding to tackle the big challenges facing our city.”