Oxford City Council agrees funding to help make community events happen this summer

Published: Wednesday, 25th May 2016

Oxford City Council has awarded small grants to six community organisations to help put on a series of exciting events this summer.

The City Council awards £5,232 from its small community grants programme every year, and has so far allocated £3,650 in the first funding round this year.

The money has been awarded to:

  • Oxford Polish Association: £800 awarded to contribute towards a community event taking place on 16 June
  • Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project: £1,000 awarded to contribute towards the Summer Mela, which took place on 21 May
  • West Oxford Community Association: £500 awarded to contribute towards the West Oxford Fun Day, which takes place on 9 July
  • Churches Together in Headington: £150 awarded to contribute towards promoting their 2016 Summer fun day
  • Oxfordshire Play Association: £1,000 awarded to contribute towards Barton Play & Activity day, which takes place on 11 June
  • Young Peoples Puppet Theatre: £300 awarded to help with transporting staging, scenery and puppets to the Story Museum for Orchard Meadow school children to give a performance there in July 

Councillor Christine Simm, Oxford City Council Executive Board Member for Culture and Communities, said: “It is a great feeling, knowing that these grants will help bring happiness and life to the city by allowing a series of fantastic community events to take place this summer.”

Oxford City Council provides £1.5m of grants to community and voluntary organisations every year, including through the youth ambition grants, annual grants programme, small community grants, and grants for organisations to run holiday activities for young people.

The City Council is committed to maintaining the funding until at least April 2018.

On top of this, the City Council also provides £1.4m of funding every year through grants to homelessness organisations and charities in the city.

Community and voluntary organisations can still apply to receive grants of between £100 and £1,000 from the small community grants programme. The deadline to apply for the second round of funding is 16 June.

For grant application forms and more information about the City Council’s grant programme, please visit our Grants pages.