Flag pole to be repaired

Published: Tuesday, 26th April 2016

The flag pole above the entrance to Oxford Town Hall is currently out of action.

Oxford City Council manages a further two flag poles in the city centre – one above the 1930s extension to Town Hall (above Edinburgh Woollen Mill) and one above Carfax Tower.

A City Council spokesman said: “Last week people had mistakenly suggested that the City Council was not flying the Union Flag to mark the Queen’s birthday, but we were flying it Carfax Tower to mark the occasion.

“The City Council also flew the flag of England above the 1930s extension to the Town Hall to mark St George’s Day on Saturday (23/4).”

The flag pole above the entrance to Town Hall is the original pole, installed when the building opened in 1897.

Reports from specialist contractors have identified that, due to wear and tear, the almost 120-year-old wooden pole needed to be either repaired or replaced. The pole has not been used since this issue was highlighted in February

The City Council is currently investigating the best way to carry out the repair work, taking into account the listed status of Oxford Town Hall.

It is hoped the flag pole will be back in operation later this year.