£4,000 refurbishment of Blackbird Leys Community Centre meeting room

Published: Thursday, 11th February 2016

Oxford City Council is spending £4,000 to transform a meeting room in Blackbird Leys Community Centre.

The refurbishment of the Jack Argent Room will see the walls, doors, skirting boards and ceiling redecorated, along with new fittings, fixtures and furniture installed. Work started on Monday (8/2) and will be completed by Friday (12/2).

The meeting room is well used by community groups. Regular users include bingo and church groups, social group FriendLeys and mental health group Oxford Survivors.

Oxford City Council has spent about £25,000 refurbishing Blackbird Leys Community Centre over the last two years, including resurfacing the car park, fitting out the reception, installing a new IT hub and putting down new flooring.

The work follows the £15,000 refurbishment of East Oxford Community Centre at the end of 2015, and the opening of the £4.76m Rose Hill Community Centre in January.

Mark Spriggs, General Manager of Blackbird Leys Community Centre, said: “We are building on the success we have brought in over the last few years, investing in staff, the facilities and the community as a whole, to expand the centre’s offer to every part of the local area.”

If you would like to hire the Jack Argent Room, please contact Jayne Watson, the centre’s coordinator, on 01865 402070 or blackbirdleyscommunitycentre@gmail.com.